Expanded screen is a excellent design for stairs.

Bekasi Selatan, Indonesia
  • Architects: Semiotic Arsitek
  • Area:  150.0 m²
  • Year:  2020
  • Photographs:  Sandi Baratama & Niko Adiatma
  • Manufacturers: Toto, Acor, Dekson, Fumira, Google, Mowilex, Subway Tile, ZWCAD
  • Architect In Charge: Sandi Baratama, Niko Adiatma
  • Design Team: Andre Rachmana

A House Located in Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang – Indonesia, this house was developed with a limited budget of around 625 million rupiahs (40.000 dollars). The concept of utilizing the A-frame shaped roof is applied to maximize the space program in this house. Attic space inside is used as a communal space and a children’s bedroom.

expanded screen for stair
expanded screen for stair
© Sandi Baratama & Niko Adiatma

Houses with hook land with dimensions of 10 m x 10 m can accommodate 150 m2 of space requirements. The composition of the mass of the building with corrugated metal roofs is the main character in this house. The zoning of space division is made simple to maximize the existing budget. On the first floor, there is a family room that integrates with the kitchen and dining room. Meanwhile, on the second and third floors, there are bedrooms and communal spaces.

The orientation of the facade of the house is south so that window openings and air circulation are maximized towards the front while the west and east sides of the building have fewer openings.

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