Perforated grill is a very good material for shower.

Perforated Grill
Perforated Grill
  • Use

    Bathroom and spa, showers
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality, health and wellness
  • Characteristics

    Uses the Ambiance Tuning Technique, six recessed water bars, perforated grill,  broad shower field, pre-programmed choreographies, products can be browsed via app

Dornbracht LifeSpa presents a versatile selection of solutions for bathroom and spa design. The design series and products can be combined, providing planning flexibility. With the Dornbracht Spa Modules, the bathroom is upgraded to a private spa. The modules can be integrated into any shower solution and combined according to individual needs.

Bathroom Design

Dornbracht researched the ritual aspect of bathroom architecture, considering the bathroom a place of revitalization, as somewhere to pause and retreat. The focus is on the sequences and rituals of the individual, at a cultural and technological level. All Spa Solutions feature coordinated water programs developed by health and wellness experts, which offer a holistic experience at the push of a button.

Perforated Grill
Perforated Grill

Horizontal Shower permits showering using the Ambiance Tuning Technique while reclining. The application combines six water bars recessed into a broad shower field above a reclining space. It uses an eTOOL as the main operating element. Just as with Vertical Shower, Horizontal Shower allows the user to choose from among a variety of pre-programmed choreographies, offering a range of settings for water temperature, intensity, and quantity. The user can decide from among Balancing, Energizing or De-Stressing effects.

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